Strengthening Immunization Efforts: Healthcare Professionals Leading Change Through Donation

Dear Members of the Allegheny County Immunization Coalition,

In our shared commitment to safeguard our community against deadly public diseases through immunization, I am thrilled to present a powerful opportunity for healthcare professionals like us to lead impactful change: partnering with Global Links. As a distinguished Pittsburgh-based nonprofit, Global Links has been instrumental in addressing healthcare disparities for over three decades, repurposing surplus medical supplies and equipment to enhance healthcare access both locally and globally.

Global Links: Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Global Links specializes in rescuing surplus medical resources from the U.S. healthcare system and redistributing them to underserved communities. This approach not only ensures critical supplies are reused effectively but also strengthens healthcare infrastructure where it’s most needed. By partnering with Global Links, healthcare professionals can leverage their positions to initiate easy and effective donations from their workplaces.

Why Your Donation Matters

Donating surplus medical supplies and equipment through Global Links is an easy and effective way to make a significant difference:

Accessibility to Essential Supplies: Your donations directly support immunization efforts by providing essential items such as vaccines, syringes, gloves, and more to communities in need. These resources are vital in protecting individuals from preventable diseases.

Strengthening Healthcare Systems: By repurposing surplus supplies, Global Links helps build sustainable healthcare systems in underserved areas. This strengthens healthcare infrastructure and enhances the capacity to respond to public health challenges effectively.

Promoting Sustainability: Donating through Global Links promotes environmental sustainability by reducing medical waste. It ensures that resources are utilized efficiently, benefiting our community and contributing to global health equity.

How Healthcare Professionals Can Take Action

As healthcare professionals, you can take practical steps to support Global Links and advance our collective mission:

Identify Surplus Supplies and Equipment: Take note of surplus medical supplies and gently used equipment in your workplace that could be donated. These items include examination tables, wheelchairs, and other essential medical equipment.

Coordinate Donation Efforts: Work with your hospital or clinic’s administration to organize the collection and donation of surplus supplies and equipment to Global Links. Ensure all donations meet their criteria for reuse and are in good condition.

Educate Peers and Staff: Raise awareness among colleagues about the impact of donating surplus medical supplies and equipment. Emphasize how these contributions directly support immunization efforts and protect our community against preventable diseases.

Volunteer Your Time: Consider volunteering with Global Links to assist in sorting and preparing donated supplies for redistribution. Your expertise ensures that resources are managed effectively, maximizing their impact on global health.

Advocate for Financial Support: Advocate within your healthcare facility for financial contributions to support Global Links’ operations. Your support helps sustain their initiatives and expand their reach to benefit more communities worldwide.

Support Local Donation Drives: Participate in or organize local donation drives within your healthcare setting to collect surplus supplies and equipment. These efforts streamline the donation process, ensuring critical resources reach Global Links for redistribution.

Together Towards Health Equity

Partnering with Global Links empowers healthcare professionals to make a tangible impact on global health equity and safeguard our community against preventable diseases. By leveraging our collective resources and expertise, we can ensure equitable access to immunization and healthcare services for all individuals.

Thank you for your dedication to improving health outcomes in our community and beyond. Let’s unite with Global Links to strengthen immunization efforts and build a healthier, more resilient future.

In conclusion, donating surplus medical supplies and equipment through Global Links is an easy and effective way for healthcare professionals to significantly impact global health equity and safeguard our community against preventable diseases. Together, let’s work towards a healthier, more resilient future for all.


Jennifer Sill Novelli (She/Her)
Associate Director of Development

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