Navigating Forward: Thoughts from the NCICP Conference in Philedelphia

By: Melanie Mayer, Allegheny County Immunization Coalition Administrator

In April, my colleague Mikaela Kluver and I attended the 16th National Conference for Immunization Partnerships and Coalitions (NCICP) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The conference, hosted this year by the Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition (PAIC), was a gathering of different organizations, coalitions, and individuals who shared the goal of improving public health through creative immunization strategies. The program branched into three tracks: Growing & Sustaining Coalitions, Advocacy for All, and Innovation: New Partnerships & Strategies.

I focused mainly on the “Growing & Sustaining Coalitions” segment because Allegheny County Immunization has steadily revitalized itself for the past 18 months. As the group’s administrator, I felt these sessions best fit my role within the coalition. The discussions concerned securing sustainable funding, increasing volunteer engagement, and fostering membership growth and involvement. Success stories from diverse communities nationwide provided valuable insights and strategies for highlighting immunization’s long-term benefits and implementing effective programming and outreach.

The conference provided educational opportunities and celebrated Philadelphia’s cultural richness through exclusive evening events. From the Mutter Museum’s medical marvels to the Franklin Institute’s Welcome Reception and the immersive Yellow Fever Tour, these gatherings offered networking opportunities and some fun. Each event blended Philadelphia’s culture and the spirit of the conference. The PAIC ensured that these gatherings were informative and enjoyable, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity.

Reflecting on the fantastic experience at the 16th NCICP Conference, I just wanted to thank the hosts, the Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition (PAIC). Their meticulous planning and execution were evident in every aspect of the conference, and Mikaela and I met many wonderful people during our week in Philly. We are already looking forward to the next conference in 2026!