Background, Mission, Impact

Our Impact

Discover how ACIC’s vaccine champions collaborate to boost vaccination rates across all age groups in Western Pennsylvania. Through strategic partnerships and community engagement, we’re driving public awareness, supporting healthcare providers, and achieving tangible increases in vaccination rates. Our efforts extend beyond vaccination drives:


Leading initiatives to increase public awareness of recommended immunizations, providing professional immunization education, sharing best practices in immunization promotion and education, and offering continuing education opportunities for healthcare professionals.


Working with our members and their organizations to advocate for policy issues related to childhood, adolescent, and adult immunizations.


Attracting and retaining members from diverse organizations committed to our mission. Our members include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, human services staff, public health professionals, and community members.

Explore the collaborative endeavors of ACIC’s dedicated vaccine champions in Western Pennsylvania, as we work  to enhance vaccination rates across all age groups. Through the establishment of strategic partnerships and active outreach in our communities, we aim to raise public awareness, provide vital support to healthcare providers, and drive tangible improvements in vaccination coverage. Join us in our mission to promote health and wellbeing for all.