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ACHD Issues School Immunization Report for 2017-18

The Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) requires all schools (public, private/independent, parochial/religious, charter, and cyber) to submit the immunization status of their students annually to ensure that schools in Allegheny County are complying with state and county immunization regulations, .

This report, which summarizes the county’s immunization data for the 2017-18 school year, is organized into four parts: 1) overall immunization, 2) provisional enrollment, 3) immunization exemptions, and 4) immunization status by type of vaccine.

Data are primarily presented by school type or by grade. Also included are data from previous school years.


  • The percentage of students with all immunizations required for school entry was 96.3% in December 2017, which is above the Healthy People 2020 goal of 95% coverage.
  • The only grade that did not exceed 95% complete immunization coverage was 12th grade (92.9%), as this grade had new immunization requirements for students.
  • The majority of Allegheny County schools (78.0%) had at least 95% of their students fully immunized.
  • In Allegheny County, 0.7% of all students started school in the fall with provisional enrollment status; kindergarten (1.1%) and 12th grade (2.9%) had higher percentages of students enrolled provisionally due to new or additional immunization requirements.
  • Overall, 3.0% of students submitted medical or religious exemptions. Parochial/religious schools (4.6%) and private/independent schools (4.7%) had the highest percentage of exemptions.

View/Download the 2017-18 School Immunization Report here.

AAP releases immunization social media toolkit

The AAP Childhood Immunization Program has developed an Immunization Social Media Toolkit. This toolkit helps pediatric offices build support for immunizations in their own practices and answer common questions outside of the visit while using their role as trusted professionals to inform families about vaccines. The toolkit offers guidance for choosing a social media platform and setting up and managing an account.aaplogopos Pre-written tweets and posts with resources are also available for practices to copy and paste to make social media simpler.

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